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Happy Valentines Day, everyone!  We’re excited that you dropped in to show your home some love and check out our tips for saving money on painting your home.  These tips and tricks are perfect for your budget-friendly home painting project whether you’re hiring a professional or you plan to DIY.  Enough of this though, let’s get into our ten easy ways you can save money on your home painting!

  1. Stay on top of your painting.  We had to get this one out of the way early but please, stay on top of your paint.  In Colorado your average paint job will only last about 3-5 years.  If you notice that your paint is failing it means your home is not being fully protected.  This opens up your home for all kinds of water damage and energy inefficiencies.  The best place to check to see if it’s time to paint?  Take a look at the trim on your home, especially around doors, windows, and the garage.  These areas tend to wear the fastest and they’re a good sign that it’s time to refresh!
  2. Choose a high coverage paint.  Selecting the right product the first time is crucial to saving big on your project.  You might be tempted to hit up your nearest home improvement store and go for an off the shelf product but wait!  One of the things that sets paint products apart is the ingredients used to build them.  I won’t get into the boring details, for more information on it click here.  Those bargain brands are a bargain for a reason.  They are made with cheaper, less effective materials which means you’ll end up using twice as much as you planned.  This is incredibly frustrating and that’s why we recommend a slightly more expensive product, designed for high coverage and durability.  Check out Benjamin Moore’s Aura and Regal High Build to see what we’re talking about.
  3. Do everything at once.  It is a common misconception that a way to save money on your home painting is to paint just the trim on the house or just a room at a time.  We’re here to put this myth to rest.  When you try to paint just the body of your home or just the trim you dramatically increase the amount of prep and masking needed.  That means you’re paying more for each service than you would for the entire thing.  You’ll also notice that if you paint one and not the other, it makes the older paint look even more outdated, YIKES!  Thinking about painting the interior a room or two at a time?  Again, companies have to figure in the cost of sending out their painters multiple times.  Sometimes these are referred to as trip charges.  It might seem like a smart way to save upfront but it will cost you a lot more overall.
  4. Look for a product that has a lifetime warranty.  We all know that manufacturer warranties mean close to nothing but there are still a few paint companies out there trying to do the right thing for their clients.  Benjamin Moore has led the industry in customer service and quality for decades.  This has led to them offering some of the best manufacturer warranties in the business.  Their Aura and Regal lines carry a lifetime warranty and they actually stand behind it.  Not every company will give you free paint when their product eventually starts to fade or fail but do your research.  Ask questions and find a company you feel comfortable with that is prepared to back their products.
  5. Shop early in the season.  This might seem a little strange but it’s incredibly effective especially for exterior painting.  Most painters are at the mercy of weather which makes these projects quite seasonal.  While a lot of painters will be busy or even booked out come summer time, getting your estimate in the spring can save you hundreds.  By getting the estimate in the months from January-April you’re beating a lot of the painting rush and can have a bit more leverage during negotiations.  Most painters will also offer spring specials in order to keep their best painters busy so who cares if it’s snowing outside!  Get that estimate now and save!

  1. Address issues like woodwork or malfunctioning gutters quickly.  This tip cannot be overstated.  Paint, siding, gutters…these are all on your home to protect it from the elements.  If you have failing gutters you’re probably experiencing serious water damage.  Have rotting trim or siding you’ve been meaning to replace?  DO IT!  Leaving rotting wood on your house typically only makes the situation worse and, it will cost you a pretty penny down the line.
  2. Rent a sprayer.  Are you a weekend warrior?  Well, you probably already know this but if you’re planning on painting RENT A SPRAYER!  Time is money and hand brushing and rolling your entire home will cost you a lot of time.  If you want to DIY your exterior painting but not sacrifice every weekend until Memorial Day, a sprayer is the way to go.  You should be able to rent one easily from a local hardware store.
  3. Do some heavy lifting.  This is a tip for those of you having your interior professionally painted.  Obviously, it’s important to protect your furniture and belongings.  Most companies will offer to move the furniture, for a fee.  If you’re able to, or if you have friends or family that could help, moving your own furniture away from the walls will cut down on added costs.  Just remember to lift with the legs!
  4. Select a company with a solid warranty.  One of the best ways to save money on your home painting project is to choose the right company the first time.  If you choose a discount painter you might get a great price but the likelihood of you needing to paint sooner rather than later is highly more likely.  It’s devastating to hear a homeowner tell us about the horrible job their painter did and who is now not standing behind their warranty.  That means your shelling out the cash to get the project corrected.  Unfortunately, this is an all too common issue in the painting industry.  Go with a company you trust, not one that’s just the cheapest.
  5. Keep your timing flexible.  If you don’t have a hard time frame for your project you can use that to your advantage.  Like we already mentioned, companies generally want to keep their best painters busy.  So, if you’re willing to go into production early in the season or when they have their next available openings you can benefit from scheduling discounts!

Phew, we made it!  That was a ton of information and hopefully you feel better equipped to tackle your next painting project.  We all want to save money on home painting but it’s important to keep in mind that quality matters.  This is your home we’re talking about, if you take care of it, it will take care of you!  It’s going to be a beautiful day here in Colorado, we hope you all get an opportunity to get out and enjoy it!  For more tips and home tricks follow us on Facebook.