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Me personally, I am Dillon Dean, a marketer here at Kind Home Solutions. I have come across many different kinds of paint jobs. When I go around and try to find work for the business I tend to target only the houses that need a paint job, or look like they will be coming time to paint in the next few years. When there is major chipping or fading paint on the house, it can vary drastically when comparing say your house to your neighbors house. It would be great if a paint job was just a pint job and the paint lasts an exact amount of time before the house needs to be painted again. That unfopuntanitally is not the case. Your house could be chipping and fading just as bad as your neighbors house and you could have last painted 15 years ago and they may have just painted last year. 

There is a lot more to painting then what meets the eye, even what side of the road in your neighborhood could even affect the length of time that a pint job lasts. 

Sun Damage 

In Colorado paint jobs last less time than other states or countries because we are so close to the sun. This is a huge factor when it comes to properly painting your house. The sun can do a number on your house especially if you have a house that sits in direct sunlight during a sunrise or sunset you’re likely going to be much more vulnerable to paint fading and losing your color. If you see that your house is starting to lose its color or even start changing colors then its about time to get another paint job. Fortunately there are many things we can do to prevent the sun from damaging your house, and also ensure that you are going to have a long lasting paint job no matter where you live or where your house sits. 

Faded sun damaged house:

Cheap Paint

One factor that is associated in your house fading or chipping is the type and quality of paint you or your painters are using for the paint job. You can see paint ranging from $15 a gallon to $130 a gallon if you go to a paint store or shop online. There are also many factors that go into the quality of the paint. What is the paint made out of? Many paints are mixed with mostly water! The cheaper the paint the more water your going to have in your paint, and the less it is going to stick on your house. What is also very common in cheap paint is solvents, this will also ensure that your paint will stick less. There are also stuff that helps your paint stick like titanium and other particles in your paint are present, the more you have the more the paint is going to stick. The more solvents and water you have the less it’s going to stick. If you are going to get a $15 paint and you do 2, 3, or 4 coats, it does not matter how many coats you apply as the paint simply does not stick well at a low cost paint. 

As you can see there is a HUGE difference in the quality of your paint job by selecting the kind of paint. At Kind Home Solutions we are very knowledgeable when it comes to selecting the right paint. We actually have up to a 12 year warranty because of the paint we recommend using, we believe in it so much. For our 12 year warranty we recommend AuraBenjamin Moore paint. This is hands down the best paint in the entire painting industry. We back our paint job with a 12 year warranty with it and only do one coat! If you are going through an estimate, don’t ever get fooled that your getting a quality paint job because the estimator is saying he will do 2 or 3 coats. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many coats you do as I was mentioning above. Always make sure you are using high end paint! If you end up getting a paint job estimated through Kind Home Solutions we will ensure that we educate you about what paints we use and how they work, and give you the best recommendation for what paint to use aligning with your budget and quality.  

Prep Work 

Prep work is HUGE on making your paint job last. I have a blog article here on “the basic prep work process” and “importance of power washing” that are related to our prep work process and why it is so important. Professional painters and paint contractors know this is the biggest part of the paint job, and without doing quality prep work you might as well forget about quality, and forget about it lasting even if your using the top of the line paint. On a professional paint job, you should expect to see that the prep work process takes up 80% of the job! Doing great prep work will ensure that you are going to have a great turnout. If you hire a painting company and see that they are not taking their time to do prep work, or they say that it is not a HUGE part of the pint job, then get out and hire someone else because the paint won’t last. 

That’s it. If you are using low quality paint and do not take the time to do a lot of prep work? Then expect to be painting again very soon in about 1-3 years. If you do take the time to do prep work, do it properly, and make sure to be using top of the line paint, or paint recommended by a professional, then expect to see you house last, 8, 12, or even over 15 years! 

Good luck and happy painting!