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Many homeowners like to paint the house themselves. It’s a great sense of accomplishment when you DIY most any project, but when it comes to painting looks can be deceiving. It’s very tempting to go in and just throw some paint on your house. If you are a professional then you know that it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and effort for the project to go smoothly and for your house to last for 10+ years before the next paint job. There are many factors that go into painting that many people do not realize. It could be the difference as much as your paint job lasting 1 year and your paint job lasting 15 and it could be a difference in having your liability covered or not covered. There is also not much of a difference  the price cost for painting your home. Many think that the cost is much cheaper when you paint yourself as to hiring a professional painting company. For the cost of a painting company you need to analyze on how long the painting job will take and how many days of work that you need to take off to do the job. Painting is not going to take just a few days the average house is going to take at least 80 hours of solid work to get the average house painted correctly. If you make $800 in and week normally that would be $1,600 you miss out on. The paint and or tools cost is on average $1,200 for the a house painting job. If you add all that up then you’re already looking at $2,800 to do it yourself with no warranty or accidents factored in.

Professional paint jobs may be more expensive and or may actually be cheaper depending on your situation. With a professional paint job and using a trusted company you can not worry about a thing. With a good quality paint company you can ensure you will have a warranty and quality paint job that lasts. (You can look at our tips on how to identify a quality and we’ll trusted paint contractor to hire here.) All and any accidents, Injuries, or damages on the property will be covered and worked out with the company that does the job. If you are painting it yourself, then all those liabilities are covered by you. That could be even more expensive if you have damaged property or your house or hgot in a accident and had to miss more work. 

Avoid Property Damage and Paint Spills

To avoid property damage taking a lot of time to do the prep work process correctly with help avoid having any property damage as well as making a long lasting paint job. 

If you DIY and want to learn the detailed process of prep work click here. Prep work is 80% of the job so if you want to brush up on your knowledge or gain more click here. 

Cheap vs Quality Paint

Using the best paint you can use on the market is also a very important. If you use very cheap paint and the goal is that you are trying to save money you will actually lose money because you will be needing to paint just a few years after you painted even if you did a great job doing the prep work. Your paint will start fading, turning colors, and chipping fast if you use cheap paint. 

If you are DIY or just want to learn about the best paints on the market for long lasting quality click here. (HYPERLINK BENJAMIN MOORE AURA)


Another great thing about hiring a good paint contractor is they will be able to provide knowledge on what works the best, what kind of paint is recommended to be used and why, and many tips to ensure that your house is going to last. Even setting up a estimate and going through the process may give you more knowledge then you had that is very useful to have even if you are going to do the paint job yourself. 

Here are the pros and cons that you can consider next time you notice your house is starting to need a paint job. 


If you have all the time and money in the world then this doesn’t really affect you when taking on a big paint project. If time is valuable to you then you need to set a few weeks aside to do your project. If there are any problems or accidents then the amount of time used for the project could be a lot longer.  If you hire a contractor you just need time for the estimate.  


Professional paint contractors are insured and you should always check with the company and request documentation to prove the are insured. If they are then all accidents or damages will be fully covered. If you do it yourself then you taking that risk. 


Depending on how much time you need and how much paint and materials you need to purchase can push up your costs pretty high like I was mentioning earlier. With a professional then you will have that one set price that covers paint, materials, accidents, and damages, and you do not have to pay a dime until you are satisfied. 

Making sure you know all what it takes and weighing out your options can go a long way in deciding if you are going to paint yourself or hiring a company. 

Good luck!