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On a house painting process, you should always make sure that you do the pressure washing before you start the prep work on painting your house. Pressure washing has a huge impact on the quality of your paint job.

A quality paint job will ensure that your paint will stick on your house and last for years if the prep work is done correctly. So, there are still ways to screw up your house painting job if you don’t pressure wash correctly.   

Here is a little bit of info about pressure washers and how they work. Pressure washers work by blasting surfaces with a high-pressure jet of water, and are a great way of removing ingrained grime from patios, decking, cars, caravans and garden furniture.   

Using these pressure washers the wrong way can make your painting job much more expensive. It can damage the car paintwork, delicate wood grain in decking, and even your siding on your house depending on how worn it is. You want to make sure that you can keep siding that can be repaired and not have to end up replacing it if possible.

Here are some of our top tips, on what not to do, that will help you use your pressure washer with confidence and make sure you get the cleaning results you want and be able to start your paint project off successfully.   

Pro Tip: Understand the Pressure Washer Settings

Never try to use a pressure washer without understanding its settings. There are many settings on a pressure washer and it is good to have a understanding on what they all do.

There are different kind of pressure washers from very basic types to complex types.

Basic pressure washers come with just one lance and nozzle. More expensive models can come with several that have different strengths and shapes of jet spray.

Expensive power washers can come with a variable fan which are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces, cleaning cars, decking, or chipped areas of patios. They allow you to vary the force of the jet from a focused point, to a gentler broad fan.

Another great part would be the rotary jet. If you want to use this for your deck or siding they are much too strong for these more delicate surfaces. Angled lances is another feature. They are used for cleaning the underside of cars and garden furniture. If your pressure washer only has a fixed jet, move it further away from the object you’re cleaning. This will ensure that you will no be

Read more here to see the different kind of pressure washers: Top 5 Pressure Washers

Pro Tip: Use a Patio Cleaning Attachment

This attachment has a plastic hood with a brush around the bottom edge. This can help reduce the amount of dirty water flying around. Inside the hood there are a pair of jets that rotate at high speed close to the ground to blast off the dirt.   

Pro Tip: Avoid Wearing Flip Flops and Shorts  

You may be tempted to go out in shorts and flip flops like a day at the beach but pressure washing can be more messy then you think. If you are cleaning any of the surfaces on your house patio, or driveway, your going to get dirty. No matter how carefully you use your pressure washer. Invest in a good pair of wellies and some waterproof trousers and you will be able to keep yourself and your clothes much cleaner.   

Pro Tip (for rinsing your car): Don’t Directly Blast Water at it

Use a jet about 5-8cm wide on the windows and more delicate areas. Apply a detergent. Don’t let it dry or you could be left with marks that need to be buffed off by hand. Loosen the grime – preferably with a brush attachment. Do the wheel arches last – any small stones trapped in there could get into the brush fibers and scratch the paint elsewhere. Rinse off the dirt to finish. If you have a fixed-jet model, stand about a meter away from the car to avoid damaging the paintwork. Watch our video on cleaning your car with a pressure washer.

Last Pro Tip: Don’t use Your Pressure Washer to Pull Weeds

Most things in life have a proper tool for a reason. Make sure you do that with the pressure washer. Trying to remove the weeds in your driveway with a pressure washer, will risk removing the mortar between the slabs. Instead pull the weeds out by hand. An old blunt knife or a weed tool is perfect for priding out the roots from tight gaps. You could also try a long-handled patio brush. A narrow, wire brush that’s ideal for getting into the cracks between slabs. Alternatively, use a path weedkiller, which will kill existing weeds and prevent new ones appearing for a period of time. Once you’ve got rid of the weeds, watch our video on cleaning your patio with a pressure washer.

How to Clean Your Pressure Washer

Once you have finished your pressure washing task then its time to clean it. Cleaning it will ensure that you will get them most out of your pressure washer every time. You will need to properly flush out your pressure washer every time you use it.

Here is a good video on how to clean your pressure washer; How to clean your pressure washer.