Energy Efficient Windows

Increase your home’s efficiency and decrease your heating and cooling bills with brand new, five star windows.

Are All Windows Created Equal?

The short answer?  No.  Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Here at Kind Home Solutions we use a variety of window products to cater to each client’s needs.  When it comes to choosing which window would be best for your home there are a few key components to consider.

Benefits of Energy Efficent Windows

Reasons to Replace Your Windows

There are a lot of reasons that might have you looking at window replacement.  Understanding why you should replace your windows will help you decide which windows will be best for your home.  Here are some good indicators that it might be time for a window upgrade.

  • Is your glass foggy or is there condensation between panes?
  • Are you still sporting outdated aluminum or single pane windows?
  • Do your drafty windows have you constantly double checking the thermostat?
  • Are you seeing big spikes in your heating and cooling costs during the winter and summer?

Still not sure if it’s time to replace?  Check out our blog for more info.

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